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    Family Mediation

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    Should We Mediate Our Family Dispute?

    Mediation is a quick, economical and effective means of resolving family law disputes regarding property and/or custody.

    What is mediation?

    Mediation is a negotiation process in which an independent third party, known as the mediator, assists parties to identify the issues in dispute, develop options, consider alternatives and endeavour to reach an agreement which reflects the key objectives of the parties.

    Should we mediate our dispute?

    If you and your ex-partner are experiencing conflict and wish to resolve your dispute with less intervention from a third party, mediation is a forum which ensures you and your ex-partner drive the process and the outcome.

    Mediation benefits

    • offers parties more control over the outcome;
    • is less formal and less intimidating than appearing in Court; and
    • provides an efficient, speedy and significantly less expensive method to empower parties to settle their matter.

    Settlement of a dispute through mediation can assist to preserve a working relationship and is, therefore, particularly beneficial for separated parents who will continue to communicate and care for their children together.

    Mediation can also be helpful if there is the potential for a negotiated outcome that better suits the needs and interests of the parties than a judge’s decision, or if there is a possibility that a judge’s decision will not end the dispute.

    Confidentiality in mediation

    Confidentiality is the hallmark of mediation. As far as permitted by law, all discussions during the course of a mediation are private and confidential. If a matter is in Court, the judge is not informed of any information disclosed during the mediation.

    Do we mediate?

    Yes, at Dorter Family Lawyers, we mediate.

    Rebekah Dorter is an Accredited Mediator with LEADR (The Resolution Institute), an international organisation promoting mediation for conflict resolution. In her role as a Mediator, Rebekah acts as a neutral facilitator by asking questions, encouraging open discussion, offering different perspectives, expressing issues in alternative ways and presenting her view as to how a Court might determine the issues.

    Parties can attend mediation alone, or with their legal representatives present.

    If you would like to book a mediation or would like to make further enquiries, please call our office on (02) 9929 8840 or email rebekah@inst1045122-8984.ozhosting.com or sabrina@inst1045122-8984.ozhosting.com