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    I want a Divorce. Do I need a Family Lawyer?

    Separation and Divorce are different. Separation occurs when a couple decide, and communicate, that they no longer wish to be a couple. Divorce can occur 12 months after separation but is not compulsory.  When people separate, they often wonder whether they should see a lawyer. The answer is ‘yes’. People can reach agreement without legal […]

    With the rising cost of living becoming a common topic in many news and media outlets and a very real problem for many families in Australia, an increasingly asked question to family lawyers is “Can the other party help to pay my legal fees?”

    Many families in Australia feature traditional roles with one party being the primary breadwinner and the other party being the primary homemaker and parent. If a couple decides to separate, payment of legal fees to help obtain a fair settlement can cause stress for the party who has sacrificed their career to stay at home […]

    What is a de facto relationship?

    Whether a de facto relationship exists or existed can depend on what purpose the de facto status is being decided.  The criteria for a de facto relationship changes in various settings depending on whether the de facto status is being considered for the purpose of Family Law, Migration Law or Succession Law. For example, in […]

     My partner and I have just separated and we are trying to remain amicable. What do we do now? 

    Separation can be a very difficult time and it can be hard to know where to start when sorting arrangements for your children, division of property and finances. Often, parties try and remain amicable, especially when children are involved, although sometimes this is not possible. Attending counselling or family therapy can assist separating couples try […]

    Treatment of Trusts in Family Law Proceedings

    Following the breakdown of a relationship, the characterization of Trusts, and the assets they hold, can be hugely influential in property proceedings Due to this, the characterisation of the Trust and Trust assets can be a fiercely debated issue between parties. What is a Trust?  Trusts are financial structures frequently used to hold assets for […]

    Expert Evidence in Parenting Matters: Court Reports

    During parenting proceedings in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (“the Court”), the Court usually requires independent expert evidence to assist in determining orders that are in the children’s best interests. There are two main ways the Court will obtain this evidence.  Child Impact Reports Section 11F of the Family Law Act 1975 […]

    Conflation of Best Interests and Reasonable Practicability Considerations

    Best Interests of the Child When determining a parenting matter, the Court must regard the ‘best interests of the child’ as the paramount consideration, pursuant to Section 60CA of the Family Law Act (“the Act”). In determining what constitutes the ‘best interests of the child’, the Court must consider the matters set out in Section […]

    Thinking of filing Court Proceedings

    Thinking of filing Court Proceedings? When the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia merged on 1 September 2021, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia Rules 2001 and the Family Law Rules 2004 were amalgamated to form the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia (Family Law) Rules 2021 (New […]


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